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German car enthusiast Reinhard Loeven has a full time job organising 'Sportwagentouren': multiple day outings for the demanding driver who appreciates a fine meal and likes post-driving talk after a good days driving on demanding and flowing roads through beautifull landscapes.

“I create sports car and classic car tours that are rather private in character: with small groups we go out and drive spectacular routes with as many 'free of traffic' sections as possible. I am able to present a quality package which combines the factors adventure and pleasure because I personally know my partners (local producers, hoteliers and cooks) en-route.”

It was only untill 2002 when Reinhard bought himself a roadster. He and a mate did a trip to Aix-en-Provençe via the French Alps and he was instantly mesmerized and hooked:

“We were two guys in two roadsters, we were enthusiastic and had lots of fun. During these days the idea arose to create an event that would combine both the driving fun and my already existing network of hotels, restaurants and winemakers (I have been a gourmet for years). I suggested this to the local Porsche Dealer and immediately their CEO was enthusiastic. The rest is history.”

In 2009 Reinhard resigned from his psychotherapist practise and concentrated on his touring programs.

For example . . .

Networking never was so exciting! With targetmarkets being both private drivers and companies - incentives - the possibilities are many:

“Depending on customer wishes and budget I have customized programs on the shelve. For example in 2010 I did an incentive for the German section of a big Japanese car builder. I rented classic cars like Ferrari Dino, Porsche Speedster Replica, Ford Mustang '64, MGB, Thriumph Spitfire, and did a tour through South Tyrolia, Italy. It was rather off season and I could share my roads with them. The area is pretty quiet without blooming tourism. Big grins all day and memories who are there to stay.

Trips with classic cars are one pole. The second pole is a touring program called 'First Class On The Road'. This is a car-hopping tour including modern supercars like Lamborghini Gallardo, Italia, Mercedes SLS and Porsche Turbo. Fancy a ride? I can organise this for you anywhere in Europe.”

With corporate business getting more personal and networking becoming vital marketing instruments Reinhards tours could be very interesting tools for those who are looking for something different. An event to make a huge impression. In brief it's one of the most professional offerings on this market today. And with the Alps within reach there are not many landscapes to better a drive from hotel to hotel.

Future plans include a variety of trips for companies. Reinhard is currently working out requests for tours asked for by private persons: "One Day Off", Alsace (28 March 2011), South Tyrolia/Dolomites-Tour (5-8 May 2011)Tour des Niveaux 2011 (4-10 June 2011)

“Personally I love the mountains very much. I like to drive the mountains roads and enjoy the amazing landscapes. It's a good thing to mix in both spirited and cruising sections. When the hard work is done I do love some good cuisine, and it doesn't have to be the refined French haute cuisine. Hearty local specialities also will make for a unforgettable experience.

Visit the Sportwagentouren website for more information.

Words: Albert Meninga
Photo's: Reinhard Loeven